Atlas Brew Works Now Has Cans

Atlas Cans

DC Brau is no longer the only D.C. brewery selling cans. Atlas Brew Works will debut cans for its District Common lager and Rowdy hoppy rye ale on Friday. Atlas previously only sold its beer in kegs, growlers, and occasional large format bottles.

"There are a number of advantages to cans. Number one, I think, is they look awesome," says CEO Justin Cox, who co-founded the Ivy City brewer last year with head brewer Will Durgin. Silver Spring's Bates Creative designed the cans, which feature symbols associated with each beer. For example, District Common has a Hancock fountain pen, while Rowdy displays a Hailwood motorcycle on the side of the can. Cox adds that cans are also better packaging for beer because they have a complete seal and no light seeps in.  

The cans will launch at the Whole Foods in Logan Circle (1440 P St. NW) on Dec. 19 with in-store tastings on Dec. 20. The cans will then be released to other stores and markets throughout D.C. beginning Dec. 22. You can also find them in the brewery's tasting room Fridays through Sundays. The first run will include 825 cases of beer—nearly 20,000 cans.

Cox and Durgin plan to eventually offer other beers in cans, too.

"Obviously cans are a lot more portable than a keg or a growler and easier to share," Cox says. "So we're really excited about that kind of addition to our lineup."

Photo courtesy Atlas Brew Works