Brew In Town: Franklins/Brookland Pint No Sleep ‘Til Brookland!


Franklins/Brookland Pint No Sleep ‘Til Brookland!

Where in Town: Brookland Pint, 716 Monroe St. NE

Price: $7/12 oz.

Pop One Open

Brookland Pint already had its own house brew when Meridian Pint and Smoke & Barrel owner John Andrade opened his latest beer-focused venture in August. No Sleep ‘Til Brookland! was the brainchild of Andrade’s beverage director, Jace Gonnerman. Impressed with the hop-heavy creations coming to him from Franklins in Hyattsville, Gonnerman approached head brewer Mike Roy with the charge: a super hoppy, dry American India pale ale to commemorate Brookland Pint’s grand opening.

Ripe for the Sipping

Two-and-a-half months of shelf time is pushing it for an IPA, since the oils and acids that give a beer its hoppy aroma and flavor can deteriorate quickly. But hopheads, worry not: No Sleep ‘Til Brookland! proves an exception to the rule. Its bright lemon peel, grapefruit, and passion fruit flavors—from a blend of Citra, Amarillo, and Nelson Sauvin hops—have rounded out. Over time, the ingredients, including grainy Pilsner, rich Munich and sweet Carapils malts, and several other American hops, have fused into a luscious, juicy brew that is far greater than the sum of its parts. Finishing dry without being overly bitter, this 7 percent alcohol IPA is at its peak. The bad news? Gonnerman doesn’t have much left. A second batch is on its way, this one with Simcoe hops substituted for some of the Nelson Sauvin. Seek it out at any of Andrade’s three restaurants now, or later to see how it ages. Just don’t wait so long that it runs out again.

Photo by Tammy Tuck