Fall Additions

The fall restaurant opening onslaught has begun, with spots popping up from Navy Yard to Georgetown to North Capitol Street this October. Whether you’re looking for ribs or rye whiskey cocktails with fancy ice, here’s the abbreviated guide to D.C.’s newest places to eat and drink.


Chez Billy in Petworth + fish soup + white tablecloths – a taxidermied goose + people who wear ties = Chez Billy Sud (1039 31st St. NW)


All things Pennsylvania + rye whiskey + an artisanal ice upcharge – Mighty Pint’s grit + “Enjoy Your Food, Not Your Phone” sign = Second State (1831 M St. NW)


The Partisan ÷ two + “pig wings” + pork belly pupusas + a shiny suburban shopping center + lots of sour beers = B Side (8298 Glass Alley, Fairfax)


A refurbished 1895 firehouse – firemen + a firepole – actual sliding + mussel pots + steaks + pizzas = The Washington Firehouse (1626 North Capitol St. NW)


A reality TV chef + 14 TVs + barbecue – loyalty to a single barbecue style + a whiff of the Anacostia River = Willie’s Brew & Que (300 Tingey St. SE)


Pho + green papaya salad + croissants + duck a l’orange + cocktails on tap + a whiff of the Potomac River = Mama Rouge (3000 K St. NW)