Flared Pans Designed By Rocket Scientist Cooks Food Insanely Fast, Obviously

Few people are better versed in speed than rocket scientists. So when you introduce such science to cooking pans, fast is exactly what you're going to get.

Dr. Tim Povey, a real-life rocket scientist at Oxford University, has developed a set of pans that are said to save energy and cook food 44 percent faster. Povey is an expert in thermo-dynamics applied to advanced jet engines, so we're all ears.

Here's how it works: when the pans are placed on a gas stove -- not electric -- the flares create channels that direct heat from the bottom of the pan up the sides. This increases the amount of the pan's surface area getting heat, which means that everything cooks faster.

The company that sells the product also claims that the pan holds a slower, more consistent simmer, which is big news for those who like to make sauces and stews.

Here's the kicker, it's not cheap. A set of three will set you back almost $250. If you add up how much time 44 percent of your cooking life is worth to you, these pans might, maybe pay for themselves. The verdict is still out.

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h/t Fine Dining Lovers