Flight Wine Bar Now Offers “Hipster” Wines

Center-bar-2Head to Flight Wine Bar, and you can sample everything from Italian reds to Austro-Hungarian empire wines to “not your grandma’s chardonnay.”

Or you can drink like a hipster.

That doesn't mean ordering a PBR. "Hipster And Proud Of It" is listed on the recently expanded wine flight menu, which now includes 20 options to choose from. So what exactly is a hipster wine if not a glass with a vintage-y leather nose and a hint of irony?

"When I think of hipsters, I think of people who are in the know, wanting to be in the know, trying the new thing before it becomes mainstream," says owner Swati Bose. "And for wine specifically, people who are willing to explore, be a little more adventurous." 

Swati decided to focus in on an older wine region—France—but highlight wines from lesser known regions and varietals from smaller boutique producers. One of the wines is a sparkling chenin blanc. "Five years ago, you wouldn't have anyone come into a wine bar and ask for a chenin blanc," Bose says, "but now you'll start to hear it."

But the most popular flight on the menu is actually named "Hipster Schmipster." The staff will customize a flight to your preferences with this wildcard option. And your preferences can get weird. The example given on the menu: "My grandmother is from South Africa and my grandfather is from Slovenia and I only want wines that reflect my heritage."

Hipster or not, all flights are $18 for three wines. Flight Wine Bar also now has half bottles available and more wines by the glass, which can be paired with new dishes like zucchini fritters and slow-cooked pork belly. Small plates, of course.

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Flight Wine Bar, 777 6th St. NW; (202) 864-6445; flightdc.com

Photo by Scott Suchman courtesy Flight Wine Bar