It’s A Cookie-Flavored Cookie-Flavored Cookie

How much do you love cookies? Is life without cookies something like this?


And when you get a cookie, do you feel sort of like this?




If this sounds like you, you may need a cookie-flavored, cookie-flavored cookie. Stay with us here. You'll thank us later.

Serious cookie fans, meet your ultimate match: cookies n' cream-flavored cookie mix combined with crushed-up, cookie-flavored cookies, sandwiched between two Oreos.

If you're ever doubting someone's commitment to the baked good, this cookie-flavored, cookie-flavored cookie might be the ultimate test of dedication.

Having spent a lot of time experimenting with cookies, we thought we may have already proven ourselves. We've made cookies using the cookie dough from cookie dough ice cream. We've tested out the exact time it takes an Oreo to dissolve in milk. And we've found the only chocolate chip cookie recipe you'll ever need. But this cookie-mania takes things to a whole new level.

Need a visual? We thought so:

Reddit user Dreznych posted an instructional guide for making this ridiculous dessert.

Dreznych callied it the "zenith of human achievement." We'd have to agree.

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