Moody Foodie


Having a bad day at work? Or your boss spoiled your mood? Need food to cheer you up? There you are set on the right track. Alter your mood with some food! Welcome those miserable mood swings with mouth watering and savouring food.

Your boss is eating your head? Or wondering why your family doesn’t understand you? Or doubting the maturity of your partner? Just grab a dark chocolate! Studies say that when we are in tension or anxiety, our body tends to release stress hormones. A dark chocolate is rich source of        phenylethylamine, anandamide and obromine. Not only they reduce stress but help you fight anxiety. A little dark chocolate is not going to help you put on weight, so you need not worry on that matter. Just have a little piece of bliss.

Thanks to the rat race, we are going nuts day by day. Our heads are never clear. It always has something going on. This busier and faster life has also lead to temper. We lose our temper if we don’t get a cab on time, or miss our regular train. This increasing temper leads to irritation and aggression. Just calm down with a regular green tea. It helps in bringing down your body at a normal temperament. If not a tea drinker, try for some chewy low calorie candies.

Loud squeaky neighbour in the train annoying you? Or pain in the neck boss throwing in extra work daily for you? Or the scorching heat or the rainy roads irritating you enough already? Find your inner peace by eating a heavenly bite of apple and peanut butter. It is a perfect combo of carbohydrates and fats. This will certainly do the trick. Fast maintain the sugar and energy level and the carbohydrates help in quickly burning the energy. Sometimes, out of apples or peanut butter? Try coffee. You will never run out of it.

Broke up recently? Or your pet died? Or had a bad fight with your best friend? Or you are not getting a right job? Or your favourite team lost the match? Enough reasons to be depressed right? Boost yourself with some omega 3 food. Studies say that one is depressed when there is lack of omega 3 in the body. Sea food is generally very rich in proteins and omega 3. So the next time when you are depressed, chuck the world and go try some sea food cuisine.

If ever feeling sad and lonely, please do not gift yourself a pet or take yourself to a shopping mall. Rather try some mushrooms or milk or simply have a stroll in the early morning sun. Studies say that adding a rich amount of vitamin D and necessary carbohydrates to your body makes you feel happy at times. Also you could try some banana, cashew nuts and lintels.

Some the next time when you sad, or depressed or simple agitated over something, try on eating than whining and regretting over it.