No Gimmickry or Overpriced Beers for Brightwood Bar & Restaurant

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A no-frills neighborhood spot called Brightwood Bar & Restaurant is on its way to 5501 14th St. NW this fall. "This is not going to be a destination place. Kids aren't going to come from Potomac and McLean to swill from expensive beers," says first-time restaurateur Michael Stone, who’s background is primarily in law and in government. "This is people and their kids walking over to have a good meal in a good environment."

Stone plans to serve standard American fare "done right" at reasonable prices. He wants to have plenty of options for vegetarians, plus some healthier alternatives to the typical deep-fried foods. As for drinks? Expect something equally simple. "I see bars and they've got every bourbon under the sun," says Stone. "I think we'll have a couple." Stone isn't setting anything in stone yet; he wants the place to adapt to whatever the neighbors ultimately want.

The two-story space will be made up of exposed brick, steel, and "cool lighting." The first floor will have a dining room with a community table, banquettes, tables, and an open kitchen. Upstairs, there will another bar and skylights—"light and easy and comfortable," Stone says. He anticipates he'll be able to sit more than 100 people inside and an addition 100 outside. He's looking to have a bar that's integrated into the window downstairs to help serve the patio. He's also considering a play area outside for kids under five, so parents can entertain their children while they have a beer.

Assuming all goes as planned, Stone aims to open Brightwood Restaurant & Bar by Thanksgiving.

Photo via Google Maps