Adam Richman Explains His Choice To Endorse Walmart Beef

Adam Richman, known for his gluttonous culinary feats on the Travel Channel's "Man Vs. Food," is taking on a new controversial challenge: Walmart beef.

The newly slender TV personality spoke with HuffPost Live about the new NBC show he's hosting, "Food Fighters," and also touched on what's becoming yet another controversy for him -- his recent endorsement of Walmart beef. One blogger called his promotion “a big fat lie” for trying to "sell the public on some of the artery-filling red meat he's clearly been cutting back on."

Weight loss and recalled beef scandals aside, Richman stands behind Walmart's "all natural" beef even though he said he knew his endorsement would "come under fire."

"People are going to hate if they’re going to hate, and I can’t control that," Richman told host Marc Lamont Hill. "I met with ranchers, I met with the head of the beef program, I realized that they really have made profound steps to make their beef program a solid one."

While Richman admits to eating less red meat thanks to his new health kick, apparently Walmart beef meets his standards.

"If it were a product I didn’t believe in, if it were an approach I didn’t believe in, I wouldn’t do it," he said.

Watch the full interview with Adam Richman here.

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