Biggest blunders with blenders

You may think that you are technologically advanced and using a blender is no rocket science. But you are committing some really big blunders with your blenders. Right from grinding to whipping, you are committing some mistakes! Here is a list of basic mistakes that you are probably making while using a blender.

When you want to create a fusion of some solid and liquid stuff, here is what technically you should be doing. Pour in the liquid first in the blender jar and then the rest of the items that you want. This way the liquid will pull down the solid and the mixing will then be down rightly.

Also when you are blending any hot mixture make sure that you keep the filler cap off. Removing the filler cap will reduce the building up of steam inside the jar. Once there will be space for the steam to escape, there will be no spurting. And when you find some food stuck in between the blades or below the blades all you have to do is use the pulse button. This button can also prevent the over processing ingredients.

Many a times, things do not get mixed well. Ever though why? That’s because you just keep on hitting the start and stop button. You do not take the effort of opening the jar lid, mixing here and there. Do this and you will not find any more lumps in your mixture. All you have to do is stir occasionally.

Also many a times, food items get stuck beneath the blender blades. To get them out easily just half fill it with water and add some detergent to the water. Blend this mixture for a minute and then throw off the liquid. And wash it how you regularly wash. There, your blender is free from stuck-in-food.
Bet, you must have been committing at least two of the mistakes mentioned above. With these easy tips, you can make your blender work better and utilize it to the fullest.