Eat Salad For Breakfast. Yes, Salad. For Breakfast.

Coffee, cereal, juice and bread are among the most popular foods Americans eat for breakfast.

The coffee part is justified -- no morning is complete without a piping hot (or cold) cup of the stuff. The other items on the list are a bit underwhelming.

So how about salad? Yes, salad. The dish is not yet a regular morning offering in the U.S., but it deserves to be.

For one, let's consider health. Plant-based diets can help prevent ailments like heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Plus, you're free to fill your salad with ingredients that are nutrient-rich, low in sugar and unprocessed. You can top those leafy greens with brain foods to help you concentrate and stay alert all day long.

On the taste side of things, a salad can do it all since ingredient combinations are limitless. How often has a piece of toast satisfied your sporadic, simultaneous craving for something sweet, salty, crunchy, chewy and tangy? Right, we thought so.

And if, for you, convenience is the key to a perfect breakfast, let's hear it for salad once again. Salad can be tossed into a tupperware and eaten on-the-go (if commuters stare, they're just jealous). It can be crafted with whatever's in the fridge (had veggie stir-fry for dinner last night? Toss in those leftovers. Salad doesn't judge). And, salad doesn't require the use any kind of kitchen appliance.

For inspiration, take a gander at this colorful breakfast salad from blogger The Endless Meal. The salad contains all things delicious, including tomatoes, basil, pine nuts and avocado. It's even got an egg on top (another one of America's favorite breakfast foods). Think of the egg as training wheels for this admirable breakfast transition you're about embark upon.
salad for breakfast

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