Food For Thought


What exactly is healthy food eating? Some sage old beliefs, or maintaining yourself to be romantically thin, or craving for food until you start having the attitude of ‘the grapes are sour?’ Have you ever thought that maybe healthy food eating could be all about feeling great, or feeling energizing or feeling what we call internally happy? Healthy eating habits are very easy to adapt but we are superstitious enough not to try it thinking it’s not my cup of tea. Some are real antique pieces cursing the world in the morning over a cup of tea and doughnut, for not having a great figure like Nicole Kidman. Yeah, like Nicole has a doughnut for breakfast!

If you show true dedication to something you most certainly can achieve it. Healthy diet is all about it! You just have to develop your choice of healthy food and learn how to plan ahead in order to generate and sustain a tasty as well as healthy diet. Make it your life’s goal to have a healthy diet. Start with baby steps, big drastic changes in your diet will only bore you and doing so is quite unrealistic. Giving up all things at once will only lead to temptation, which in future will lead to cheating and a goodbye to the new diet plan. Like they say, ‘slow but steady wins the race,’ so will you stick to your diet chart. Instead of being obsessed with your calorie intake, consider of your diet in terms of colours, variety and freshness. Spotlight on the foods you love and alter your regular recipes with a healthier one. This will not only add new ingredients but make the food healthier and delicious. Like for instance, you could always start with various salads, switching from butter to olive oil when cooking, drinking water than the packed fruit juices in your refrigerator. These small changes will become a habit and will continue.

Engrave this in your brain- self control is the answer to your health plan. What does self controlling do? Or to what limit is self controlling is required? Are these questions haunting you? Remember our goal of healthy food is to develop it and maintain for a lifetime and not for a couple of weeks or until you have hit your desired weight. So try considering self control in terms of a balance. This doesn’t mean eating less it means of eating less of the unhealthy food like sugar, salt, saturated fats, etc. It’s not necessary to cross out food you love, like having bacon once a week for breakfast is not going to ruin your diet plan unless it is complemented with doughnuts and pizzas. So never ban food, because than it creates more desire. Have them in very little portions and try not having them that often. Slowly it will lead to less craving.

So just remember to eat regularly, no overnight giving up on food you love, no less eating but eliminating unhealthy food gradually.