Oatmeal Cookie Recipes That Are Anything But Wholesome

Oatmeal raisin is the Goody Two-Shoes of the cookie world. Chocolate Chip is the popular one. Peanut butter is the fun one. Macaroons are the rebellious ones. But oatmeal raisin is wholesome through and through. Which is why when it comes to cookies, oatmeal raisin wins only in being the least popular of the bunch. But we're about to fix that.

The easiest way to boost oatmeal raisin's popularity is to replace the raisins with chocolate chips. This is gold. But that's not the only trick. You can sandwich oatmeal raisin with frosting -- this is also lovely. You could bake it into one giant cookie cake -- no one can resist a cookie the size of a cake. Or, you can try our ultimate oatmeal raisin recipe that will bring this cookie's name to its proper glory. Whatever you choose, just eat lots of cookies.

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