Spirograph Pancakes Make The Trippiest Breakfast

Dads who make pancakes on Saturday mornings are awesome. But dads who make spirograph pancakes that are not only delicious but also beautiful, well, those dads rule.

You won't find many guys flipping trippy stacks of swirly pancakes on the weekends, but we stumbled across one dad who does, and he is our new hero. While most people can't even make a decent cup of coffee in the AM, Nathan Shields -- math teacher, father, illustrator and pancake blogger -- is making works of art out of pancake batter. And he invented a kitchen gadget, which he's dubbed the Pangraph, that makes it all possible.

The Pangraph is a pancake-making gadget based on the design of the spirograph (remember the endless colorful circles?). With a track big enough to fit over a frying pan, and a a squirt bottle full of pancake batter in place of a pen, Shields is whipping up the coolest Saturday morning pancakes in the history of breakfast. We'd do anything to sit at his breakfast table.

Watch the video above and see him in action. If it leaves you inspired, watch Shields' "making of" video for an idea of how to put together your very own Pangraph.

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H/T That's Nerdalicious