Strawberry Ice Cream You Can Make In Just 45 Seconds

We're going to start off by admitting that we just lied to you. Or, really, Jamie Oliver lied to you -- to all of us. You see, there's no cream in this strawberry "ice cream" recipe. There's no milk or sugar either. So technically, it's not ice cream at all, even though Jamie Oliver calls it that. But we're willing to forgive if you are. Forgiving is actually pretty easy with a peace offering like Jamie Oliver's 45-second strawberry "ice cream" recipe. Because what this recipe lacks in fat, it makes up for in being 100 percent delicious, and good for you.

Jamie Oliver's strawberry ice cream is made up of nothing more than frozen strawberries, yogurt, honey and Pimm's -- that's it. But it feels like ice cream; it tastes like ice cream. And with an ingredient list as clean as that, we think it could and probably should become your breakfast for the entire duration of the summer (minus the Pimm's, of course). The recipe doesn't require an ice cream maker. Nor does it ask for any degree of culinary skill. All you need to get this frozen strawberry goodness in your mouth is a food processor and less than a minute of your time.

Watch Jamie Oliver demonstrate how easy it is in the video above. If you're feeling like you need a little bit more fat in your life, we have some real ice cream recipes for you below. But you probably can't get away with eating those for breakfast everyday.

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