The Most Beautiful Summer Desserts Of All Time

Everyone swoons over the beauty of spring vegetables but summer fruits may be even more glorious -- especially in dessert form. From plump blackberries to ruby raspberries to juicy peaches and nectarines, summer fruits are exceptionally exquisite.

While we love sneaking berries and stone fruit into our savory dishes, there's just something about a summertime fruit dessert that takes our breath away. Strawberry rhubarb pie or a blackberry galette? Forget about it!

Summer desserts don't need fruit, however, to steal our hearts. There's also something about ice cream -- be it in sandwich, milkshake or cake form -- that always makes us melt, and just about anything with key limes makes us weak in the knees. We could stare at these beautiful summer desserts all season long, if only we didn't need to devour them too!

For your viewing pleasure, and ours, here is some serious summer dessert porn. You're welcome.

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