This Is How Fortune Cookies Are Made

If you've ever wondered how those paper words of wisdom get tucked into a fortune cookie, How It's Made has got the answer.

At a fortune cookie factory, a big vat of dough is mixed up. This consists mostly of flour, sugar, vegetable shortening and starch. Once all of the ingredients are blended, the cookie mix is squirted out into patty-shaped cookies onto hot moving trays.

As the patties move, hot molding plates compress each one to flatten and shape them.

Once the flat cookies bake for about a minute in an oven, they are immediately met with steel prongs.

This is where the magic happens: The apparatus pushes the little paper fortunes into each one of the cookies, while simultaneously folding them into the proper butterfly shape.

At long last, the fortune cookies -- once cooled and crispy -- drop into a conveyor where they are individually wrapped in plastic. Once the cookies pass the inspection test (no one wants to unwrap a broken cookie!), they are packed in a box and sent off to be served alongside your favorite Chinese food.

The process of crafting a fortune cookie may still seem a bit mysterious, but, as a wise fortune once put it:
fortune cookie

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