Trick your tricky stains with these food cleansers

Now we all might have known about the cleansers in a bottle, but did you know that there are food cleansers too? By food cleansers we do not mean, the cleansers in a bottle containing a few drops of lemon that will brighten your dishes, but something more than that. The food in your kitchen cabinet or the food in your refrigerator could be used a cleanser. Use the following refrigerated or kitchen cabinet food to clean the apartment.

Yes, no food cleanser’s list will ever be complete without the mention of lemon. Lemon will help you to get rid of the grime from your microwave. Also it removes the stains from the linens and shire brass. All you have to do is spray a little of lemon juice on the stains and wipe it off with a dry cloth and there you will find all the stains gone.

Baking soda:
After lemon, it has to be baking soda. This is an ancient household remedy. All you have to do is mix a spoonful of baking soda in a cup of warm water and it will do wonders to your kitchen. Baking soda is an all round. Don’t forget that.

Just like baking soda, the uses of vinegar are infamous.

You will find dark spots inside the curves of the your vase. Get rid of those dark spots with some uncooked rice. Just take a little of uncooked rice, add some warm water to it along with a dash of detergent. Apply this solution on the dark spots of the vase and let it stay for a while. Then wash it off with a scrubber.

Ever thought the tangy ketchup will act as a house cleanser? This better half of French fries will help you shine your copper wears.

Table salt:
Table salt does wonders on stains. It very easily helps in removing the stuck food on your cast iron skillets. It also removes the stains from the butcher block counter-top.

This trick you are going to love. Your favorite furniture gets a little scratch here and there and your heart breaks. What do you do then besides crying over your tragic almost loss? Cover up the scratch with a sketch pen? Go the natural way. Take a walnut. Remove its shell and then, rub it on the scratched area of the furniture. This is the best way to mask the scratches on your favorite furniture.

Orange drink:
What do you do with the rusted marks on your dishwasher? Leave them like that? Buy an expensive cleanser from the market? Here is a $2 orange drink doing wonders on your dishwasher rusted stains. Just spray the orange juice on the rusted parts and and wipe it off with a cloth. The rusted stains will be gone in a minute. It is the citric acid working.

This may come as a surprise but you will love it. Spray a little of vodka on your clothes to keep them deodorized for a longer time. Also you can use them to shine your chandeliers or shine chromes and porcelain fixtures.

Now go! Fill in your kitchen cabinet with these food cleansers.