My Important Meal of the Day


We have been told our entire life that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yet, somehow we haven’t still got the idea of not skipping breakfast. Give whatever excuses you want; late night outs, running late for work, getting the kids ready for school. The excuses are never ending, aren’t they? Regardless of the situation, considering the obsessive fit and fabulous trend, what exactly to have for breakfast is a million dollar question. Well, not anymore.
Firstly, you should get one thing straight and clear in your head, that is, ‘Breakfast is THE important meal of the day.’ Chant to yourself this mantra every morning you wake up. And to answer your tough question, the fundamental components of your healthy breakfast should always contain a certain amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. The proteins help you to have the energy you need for the day, avoiding the desired munching of wafers or muffins in pass time. The carbohydrates help in storing energy and releasing it hour’s later, providing stamina as well as helping restrain hunger twinge. And the healthy fats, give you all the energy you need for the day.
For starters, try making yourself a glass of fresh fruit smoothie. Fire up some music in the kitchen and simply throw in a bunch of strawberries and a diced banana into a blender, or a combination of any fruits of your choice. Tip Alert: you can try different fruits every day. This will add variety to your morning meal and also to your life. Shovel some protein powder for an instant kick, a couple of ice cubes and there you go, with a healthy on the go breakfast filled with antioxidants. To fibre up your smoothie any further, try tossing in a spoon full of oats or crushed almonds. See to it that the smoothie is not too thick or too liquidy, but more like a grainy mash. If required, you could fling in a cup of yoghurt or milk and voila! There is a good dose of calcium for your bones.
Also instead of quenching a fibre toaster waffles in supper sugary syrup, make a healthy breakfast waffle. Simply scratch the sugar and heighten the protein and fibre amount by spreading a spoon full of peanut butter. Just in case to add royalty to your protein rich waffle, shower a table spoon of raisins, sesame seeds, or spare some peanuts for a little extra fibre.
We know consuming the same food on a daily basis can be a monotonous chore. You don’t have to lose your sleep for it. We are here to the rescue. We have tons of more hale and hearty breakfast recipes and tips to go. But for now, simply bear in mind to chant, ‘Breakfast is the important meal of the day.’