12 Amazing Snacks You Forgot About That You Should Eat Immediately

Snacks make us fickle beasts. You spend your days eating your favorite snack and then just like that, you're on to a new one. But then you grow up and move on to the next food fad in your life. After all, how many times have you eaten popcorn this week?

But now, it's time for a change. It's time for the underrated yet beloved snacks of the world to rise up and get the attention they really deserve. Behold, the 13 snacks you used to adore so much, but forgot about and now will eat immediately after reading this.

1. Sun Chips


Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips taste like a slightly healthier yet totally delicious version of Nacho Cheese Doritos. The Garden Salsa flavor doesn't fall too far behind, either.

2. Babybel cheese

Remember getting these in your lunchbox as a kid and playing with the wax as you ate the softest circle of cheese ever? Guess what? YOU CAN STILL DO THAT.

3. Chex Mix

Because why wouldn't you grab a bag that has two different kinds of Chex, pretzels and the most magical swiggly mini breadsticks AND mini bagel chips?

4. Nilla Wafers


You know these, right? They're always sprinkled on top of that banana pudding you like to eat. But remember eating them straight out of the box? You used to love doing that. Do it again!

5. Bugles

Part of the fun of eating Bugles is putting them on your fingers and turning your hand into a creepy Freddy Krueger situation. But the real fun of eating Bugles is how delicious they taste.

6. Pringles

So, this dog may be afraid of Pringles cans...

But you know you're not. You understand that these stackable chips are truly a work of art.

Count me impressed

7. Hello Panda Chocolate Biscuits


When you were a kid, you thought these were just so cute. Now you crave the blended chocolate and vanilla cracker that's stamped with a panda because it's just plain good.

8. Kraft Handi-Snacks


This glorious invention is like having your own private cheese and crackers party. Just for you. All for you.

9. Snackwell cookies


Whether you eat them whole or you break them apart, these cookies are simple yet essential.

10. Lance crackers


The "ToastChee" crackers are obviously the best ones, but we're not going to hate on you if you like the Whole Grain crackers. As long as they were the last ones left in your variety pack.

11. Combos


It was all about the Pepperoni Pizza flavored ones and it's STILL all about them.

12. That big tin of Utz cheese balls

That cheesy residue. The ease of popping one after another, after another, into your mouth. The sharp cheese taste that hits you like a little pop of heaven. Cheese balls come with endless possibilities. Cheese balls give you hope in life.

Don't ever forget about these snacks again...

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