13 Burgers That Will Make Every Guest Say, ‘Well Done!’

Guests come in all shapes and sizes -- and with all sorts of appetites. Sure, everyone loves cheeseburgers, but if you really want to be that perfect host, you’re going to have to dig deeper in your recipe book.

We partnered up with Sargento to cook up a bunch of burger ideas that will appeal to every kind of visitor.

For the Guest Who Wants to Spice Things Up
burger 1

Double Cheese Jalapeño Burger
If your guest loves the heat, oblige them with this fiery little number. The sautéed jalapeño and sharp cheddar will ignite their taste buds, while the Muenster and beer-and-brown-sugar marinade will cool 'em off.

For the Guest Who Loves Vegetables:
bbq veggie burger

BBQ Cheddar Veggie Burger
This barbecue-and-cheddar-and-pepper masterpiece is so fresh, so juicy, SO delicious, you don’t even need to be a vegetarian to enjoy it. Satisfy your veggie-guests, and surprise your meat-eating friends.

For the Guest With Continental Flair:
open faced chicken sand

Open Faced Chicken Burger with Horseradish Mayonnaise
Even your least sophisticated visitor will shout “s’il vous plait!” for this gourmet burger. With a juicy chicken patty, a slice of cheddar-Jack, and a salad of arugula, we recommend it with a glass of red wine. (Then again, we recommend everything with a glass of red wine.)

For the Guest Who Really Wanted to Go to the Beach, But Ended Up Staying With You Instead:
island burger

The Island Jerk Burger with Habanero Lime Coleslaw
So his three-week “surf-and-yoga experience” in St. Bart's fell apart at the last minute, and it’s up to you to keep the entire vacation from being a wash. Enter the Carib-burger. The jerk seasoning, spicy habanero, and smokey chipotle cheddar brings the summer heat, while the lime coleslaw splashes their taste buds with a citrus cool.

For the Guest Clinging To A Diet:
cheddar sliders

Mini Wisconsin Cheddar Burgers
You’re hosting the rare, courageous individual who actually sticks to a diet (!) for an entire summer. Don’t panic. Fire up these delicious, albeit calorie-conscious, cheddar sliders. Note: you can still eat as many as you want.

For the Jet-lagged Guest That Desperately Needs Some Coffee:
burger 2

The Espresso Barbecue Burger
Even the exhausted guest who appears to have melted into your couch will perk up when she catches a whiff of this coffee-rubbed, barbecue-drizzled, Colby-Jack-cheese-smothered kickstarter on the grill. It’s their vacation, for Pete’s sake, so get 'er going.

For the Guest That *Just* Had a Burger Last Night
asian salmon burger

The Asian Salmon Burger With Green Onion and Soy Mayonnaise
You were about to fire up the range when you get the bad news. Your guest is burgered out. Luckily, you are a resourceful host: you know that this light and delicious salmon, soy, and provolone revamp will overcome even the strongest burger fatigue.

For the Guest From Foreign Lands in America for the First Time:
ultimate cheeseburger

The Ultimate Cheeseburger
You’ve taken your foreign friend to the county fair, the bowling alley, the shopping mall, the National Mall, the Grand Canyon, West Hollywood and West Virginia, but he doesn’t know what it means to be a real American. Introduce him to this -- the ultimate All-American experience of juicy beef, crunchy bacon, warm buns, and four melty cheeses.

For the Guest Who Also Happens to Be Chuck Norris:
texas range burger

The Texas Range Cheeseburger
We’re not sure why Chuck Norris is staying at your house (except that he stays where he wants), but we know your burger better not disappoint him. Give a Texas Ranger the Texas Range Burger -- a direct, bold combination of beef, bacon and cheddar perfect for a man who fights crime with karate chops.

For the Guests Who Have Been Living On Ramen All Semester
filling station

The Filling Station Cheeseburger
You let them go off to college for a few years, and when you get them back they’re just skin and bones. For those with especially hungry guests, or for those moms who suspect their children are eating “rabbit food,” fill up with a tasty mountain of beef so big it has its own ecosystem of bacon, onion, egg and melted cheese.

For the Guest That is Leaving Very Soon -- and We Mean Immediately After They Eat This
garlic stuffed burger

The Cheddar and Garlic Stuffed Hamburger
The trip is almost over, but you want to send them off with one last burst of flavor. Bust out the garlic burger. Packed with a core of garlic cloves and a flowing mantle of delicious Cheddar, this burger tastes so good your knees’ll quake. Just get them out before the garlic breath stinks up the joint.

For the Guest Feeling a Little Homesick
italian cheeseburger

Italian-Style Cheeseburger
Hey, sometimes we all need a little pick-me-up on the road. This appetizing burger weds a hearty, tangy marinara sauce with a slathering of provolone. We could never replace your Mama’s spaghetti recipe ... but we can get close.

For the Guest Who Never Takes Your Side in Any Argument, Despite You Being Objectively Right
grilled swiss burger

The Grilled Swiss Turkey Burger with Sautéed Spinach and Mushroom
We understand you completely: The Annoyingly Neutral One does not deserve anything so delicious as this turkey, Swiss, and spinach wonder. But think about it: The subtle, scrumptious flavor of Switzerland’s national cheese will mock their inability to ever pick a side.

Pasteurized Process Cheese Food, sometimes known as American singles, is only required to contain 51% real cheese. Sargento slices are 100% real, natural cheese. Sargento slices come in delicious varieties of natural cheese, including Swiss, Chipotle Cheddar, ColbyJack, Gouda, Havarti, Sharp Cheddar, Muenster, Pepper Jack and Provolone.