13 Times Donuts Went Too Far

Let's talk about donuts today, guys.

Donuts, which have been making our mornings better for decades upon decades. Donuts, which delight and entice us with glazes, frostings, cream fillings and sprinkles. Donuts, which put all other breakfast pastries to shame. Those very same donuts -- which we thought could do no wrong -- have just crossed the line. And not just once, but 13 times.

We've come across many instances where a donut has made us feel a little sick at the mere thought of it. (And we can easily take down multiple cookie dough-filled doughnuts AND brownie batter doughnuts in one sitting, so you know we can handle a lot.) It's not the pastry's fault -- it never asked to be topped with chicken skin crumble -- but that has resulted in donuts that just went too far.

See for yourself.

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