15 Things That Will Put A Smile On Your Face If You’re Feeling Down

Can someone invent a quick-make-me-smile button? No? OK, the following are acceptable alternatives.

1. This bunny in a very stylish pancake hat, or is it a beret?

Its a hat

2. This happy hamster who clearly thinks he's hiding.

3. This guy who's here for you whenever you feel like trash.

4. This cat who won the award for "Best Smile."

5. This talented pig riding a surfboard.

6. This balancing baby who is so happy that she might have a future in the circus.

7. This man who is really proud of his giant onion.

8. These pandas who mastered the slide with style.

9. This kernel of corn -- and Winnie The Pooh impersonator -- that is ecstatic to be in this burrito.

10. This snuggly pig.


11. These fluffballs that are literally jumping for joy.

12. This kid who is just so excited that it's your birthday.

13. This dog who really can't believe he's getting a birthday steak.

14. This duck who decided to dance because she got a piece of bread.

15. And this dog who decided to throw all his problems to the wind.