A Bag Of Chips And A Tub Of Ice Cream Are All You Need For This Fine, Fine Dessert

Fried ice cream is an ambitious dessert. It melds two paradoxical flavor pairings almost impossibly. Somehow, frosty cool cream is encased by an oily, crunchy outer layer. Texture lines are crossed and the unification is profound: The treat takes care of both salty and sweet cravings all in one bite. Incredible.

Despite its complex flavor achievements, fried ice cream is simple to make -- at least with this sharp idea from the Tostito's chip brand.

ip, cereal or cookie you have bagged in your pantry).

Crumble the chips in a baking pan and blend in the vanilla, cinnamon and honey. Then, roll a scoop of ice cream in the crumbly mixture, coating it entirely.

Serve the chip-covered sweet (on top of a pineapple, if you wish!) and enjoy.

Feel free to take this dish to the next level: We're thinking chocolate syrup drizzlings, peanut butter chips and smashed up pretzels for the "fried" part. Oh, yes.

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