Adieu Boring Veggies


When it comes to kids and vegetables, there is nothing to say. We know they are born rivals. Some green leafy chunk in a plate and a kid right in front of it, face to face, there it is, the kids face swollen and he tries his best that his foe sees the dust bin immediately. That’s not it. Those wee devils start running and whining around the house. They hide themselves at unimaginable places. And that’s how they make the dinner time a real hard work time for their beloved mommies. And what to do mommies do? Threatening, smacking, pleading, sweet talking, charming their sneaky little brat. But in the end, the little one manages to win the war over vegetables. Well, this cannot happen always. I mean how will your baby brat get all the proteins, vitamins to conspire some monstrous deeds? Its quite simple. Start acting like a kid rather than a firm parent. You bully them by giving them an ultimatum, like, ‘finish your broccoli or else no dessert.’ They compromise and try eating the broccoli just for the sake of afterward pleasure. But its not necessary for you to win always. Also in the near future your dining table into a battleground. By intimidating them like this you are making them feel that veggies are to be tolerated and not enjoyed.

Don’t be alarmed. Just try involving your kids into finalising the dinner menu. This will make them feel less unsecured and will also help in bonding. Involve them in making small dishes. Appreciate their effort and the worthiness of the dish at the dinner table. Once they get the feeling that what they prepared is liked and appreciated by all at the dinner table, they themselves will try eating it without anyone saying anything.

If you got ample of space in your balcony or on your terrace or in your backyard, grow up your own little farm with your kid. Let them be the farmer. Sooner, they will realise their hard work sprouting into tomatoes, spinach. If cannot be a farmer, take them for veggie shopping and let them choose once a while.

Try making a pizza at home for a change. Take the advice of your little chef for the pizza toppings. And lastly remember that we live in 21st century. So try not being technologically challenged. Make use of the technology in hand. Food processor is a wonder that we are blessed with. They help you in creating a decent amount of vegetables. Chicken Manchurian is one of the easiest tricks that you can sneak in with a cauliflower dish. Jumble the fried chicken and the fried cauliflower into the final gravy and your little wee devil won’t be able to differentiate the taste between the two. Once said chicken, the little one will have all of it as what told.