Adieu My Sweet and Salty


So finally started on the healthy diet? Congratulations! You don’t seem to be much happy with it? What happened? Hmm, thinking how to cut out the food that ‘always’ gets in the way of your healthy balanced diet? The 2 devils in disguise, the sweet tempting sugar and the most wanted brackish salt? Quite difficult to get rid of salt and sugar, no? Not anymore!

Take it this way; sugar leads to sudden energy ups and downs. It may also add to health and weight problems. And what we do to avoid this temptation? Cut out the cakes, desserts, chocolates and candies? That is just part of the solution. Many a times we are not even aware of the amount of sugar we gulp by having the secreted sugar in food stuffs like bread, canned soups, pasta sauce, margarine, instant mashed potatoes, frozen dinners, soy sauce, ketchups and not to forget the age old enemy, the junk food.

Just 12 oz soda has about 10 teaspoons of sugar. It is more than the daily recommended amount. So the next time you get yourself a soda, think twice. Just substitute the sugary soda with lemon water. Fruit juices are always recommended. Drink unsweetened iced tea or unflavoured oatmeal. Here you could add a sweetener as per you requirement which will definitely be lower than the glued sweetness the company sells us. If having a sweet tooth, eat natural sweets like fruits, natural peanut butter. Keep these food close than the disguised sweet food.

Next, remember, too much of salt intake is also not good. It may add a moment to your tongue, but will give a high blood pressure forever. Always limit the sodium intake to 1500- 2300 mg per day. This is comparable to a teaspoon of salt. The processed food like canned soups or frozen dinners contains secretive salts. And this hidden sodium is certainly more than the recommended level. While eating out make sure you tell your server to reduce the amount of salt in your dish. Remember that the restaurants are loaded with extra sodium in the kitchen. Start eating fresh vegetables than the canned ones. Reduce the intake of potato chips, salty nuts and pretzels.

Memorise to always check for the labels of packet. See to eat that you purchase low salt food items. And lastly slowly reduce the intake of salt in your daily meals. This will certainly help your tongue in adjusting to the new taste.