Are You Gonna Eat That? Rito Loco’s S’Mores Burrito


The Dish: "Smore’s Rito"

Where to Get It: Rito Loco, 606 Florida Ave. NW; (202) 836-4270;

Price: $4

What It Is: Mini marshmallows, a few pieces of Hershey’s milk chocolate, and broken bits of graham cracker added to the center of a flour tortilla, which is then folded and heated on a burrito press.

What It Tastes Like: There’s no need to freak out. This burrito is much like your standard s’more—if not slightly better because the flour tortilla adds an extra layer of crunchiness.

The Story: This burrito was dreamed up by Louie Hankins and Danny Diaz, co-founders of Shaw burrito joint and food truck Rito Loco, and it’s one of the newest additions to their menu. The guys wanted to add a dessert option in addition to another sweet burrito filled with fruit. “Really, a burrito is a vehicle to put any type of dish inside your mouth,” Hankins says. “This just kind of works because the flour tortilla keeps the melted marshmallow and chocolate contained.” One thing’s for certain, this burrito is a whole heck of a lot easier to eat than a graham cracker s’more. There’s hardly any risk of crumbs or melted marshmallow and chocolate ending up on your lap.

Photo by Tim Ebnery