Brew in Town: DC Brau and Port City Zehn von Zehn


Where in Town: DC Brau, 3178 Bladensburg Road NE

Price: $13.99 per mixed six-pack

High Five

As it turns five, DC Brau has plenty to celebrate. Since 2011, it has added a “0” to its annual production totals (from 1,600 barrels to more than 16,000) and has gone from local delicacy to nationally revered brand with distribution in seven states. Last week, as a special treat, DC Brau released five anniversary beers created in collaboration with breweries across the country. The lineup includes a hibiscus and rosehip saison with St. Louis’ Perennial Artisan Ales; an India pale lager with tangerine, apricot, and pear with Austin Beerworks; a double IPA with Indianapolis’ Sun King Brewery; an imperial stout with cacao nibs with Tampa’s Cigar City Brewing; and a Munich-style Dunkel with Port City Brewing Company, which opened just two months before DC Brau.

Perfect 10

Zehn von Zehn, German for “10 by 10,” refers to the District’s original, diamond-shaped 10-mile-by-10-mile border, which included part of Alexandria. The eponymous dunkel (or “dark”) lager is a shining example of the style. We should expect no less from the powerhouse duo of DC Brau head brewer Jeff Hancock and Port City brewmaster Jonathan Reeves. Incorporating six different traditional German malts and Hallertau hops, Zehn von Zehn smells and tastes like toasted bread with hints of chocolate, nuts, and toffee. At 5.3 percent alcohol, the beer is medium-bodied and easy to drink. Sweet malt characteristics are offset by darker roasted malt flavors and the beer’s earthy, dry finish. Sound good? Look for Zehn von Zehn and the other four collaboration beers on draft at the brewery and spots like Pizzeria Paradiso, Boundary Stone, and Meridian Pint, as well as in mixed six-packs with DC Brau’s heralded On The Wings of Armageddon Imperial IPA in stores in and outside D.C.

Photo by Tammy Tuck