Competitive Eater Matt Stonie Made And Ate A Cookie Dough Bowl So Big You Could Fit Your Head In It

Competitive eater Matt Stonie crafted a cookie dough bowl so enormous, you could fit your head inside of it.

To make the chocolate chip monstrosity, Stonie combined many, many tubs of Pillsbury and Toll House cookie dough into one large mixing bowl.

He then baked the 18,850 calories-worth of dough at 350 degrees for an hour and 15 minutes. This was not enough time for dough to fully cook, but it was enough time to incite major cookie dough cravings.

After the gigantic cookie was fully cooked and cooled, Stonie removed it from its bowl with the help of a friend. Look at all that cookie!

Once the cookie dome bowl refrigerated for an entire day, Stonie set out to consume the whole thing -- stuffed with a gallon of ice cream -- in one sitting.

We don't really care to watch the competitive eater gorge himself with the island-sized dessert (if you do, see the video here). According to Stonie's calculations, the entire dish contained 23,650 calories, 1,092 grams of fat and 3,165 grams of carbohydrates. It weighed in at 18 pounds. The numbers alone give us brain-freeze empathy and really bad stomach aches.

Instead, we care to make a cookie bowl -- the sweet, unassuming delicate kind that will cradle just a single scoop of ice cream. If you're with us, try something like this from the blogger, Ruhlman.

We will do anything for cookies, Matt Stonie, but we won't do that.

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