District Fishwife Will Begin Serving Tuna Poke Bowls

Just a couple weeks ago, I made a plea for someone to open a poke shop in D.C. I didn't expect my call to be answered so fast.

But District Fishwife owner Fiona Lewis tells me that she will begin serving poke and sashimi bowls at her Union Market counter next Thursday.

Lewis plans to prepare a classic version of the Hawaiian staple made of soy-and-sesame marinated raw tuna. Each bowl will include a bed of rice with some seaweed salad. Sashimi bowls will feature an assortment of salmon, tuna, scallops, or whatever's seasonal and fresh. 

This is actually not the first time District Fishwife has sold tuna poke. Lewis says she had offered some in her display case for a few weeks last year, but she didn't advertise it and it didn't sell very well. This time, though, she plans to make it more of a staple offering.

Lewis would often make herself a bowl of poke to enjoy on a Sunday afternoon. Other Union Market vendors would ask her what she was eating and why she wasn't selling it. "It's so fresh and delicious, so why not?" she says.

Meanwhile, Lewis says she's on the hunt for a second standalone location. Her vision is to have restaurant and bar with about 45 seats, a raw bar, and fish market. It would more or less be an expanded version of the Union Market locale. Her search for the right real estate is still ongoing.

While Lewis' latest isn't a full-on poke shop, I'll take it. Poke shops are apparently all the rage in Los Angeles, so maybe it's only a matter of time before a place solely dedicated to the Hawaiian dish opens up here.