Exclusive Caramel Apple Flavored Oreo Arrives At Target

Nabisco brand is a bit notorious for synthesizing Oreo oddities that do less than impress. It was hard to get behind Fruit Punch Oreos, "Rainbow Shure, Bert!" and the Banana Split flavors. Some things are better left out of a cookie.

Now, Oreo is pushing a new cookie in town -- a limited edition Carmel Apple flavor -- available exclusively at Target stores. Target's Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Jones posted a sneak preview of the snack on Tuesday to his Instagram and shared it on Twitter. The cookie hardly resembles the beloved Oreo original.

HuffPost Taste editors have yet to nibble on this new cookie concoction, but are eager to hear from those who have. Now that the biscuit is officially at Target, Email, Tweet or Instagram your tips, and tell us what think about the flavor in the poll below. We still think some things are better left out of a cookie.

H/T: Brand Eating

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