Fruit-Growing Genius Shapes Pears Into Tiny Buddhas

If someone had told us that we could buy a pear shaped like baby Buddha we would not believe it. No way, no how. It's just not possible. Pears grow in, well, pear shapes. They're all slightly unique -- or misshapen -- in a shape that can best be described as rebellious in nature.

But there's one man who's found the way to tame the bulbous shape of the pear: Chinese farmer De He. He has been molding fruit into strange shapes for years. You may have seen his square watermelon. Or maybe you've come across his heart-shaped cucumbers. All those strangely-shaped fruits were molded by him first and he has now put his energy into growing pears in the shape of Buddha.

We always knew that a bite into a perfectly ripe pear was a spiritual experience -- and now it has been confirmed.

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