Get Dolcezza Gelato Shipped to You for $60


That new 4,000-square-foot factory is finally paying off. Thanks to the increased production space near Union Market, Dolcezza will be able to expand its reach beyond the region and start shipping its gelato to individuals throughout the continental U.S. The local gelateria launches a new e-commerce site on Aug. 1.

The service isn’t exactly cheap: four pints plus two-day airmail shipping costs $60. (Dolcezza won't ship individual pints, only packages of four.) You can pick your own four flavors or choose from one of the sets described in a press release below:

Virginia Bounty: Virginia farmers grow some of the finest fruit and herbs anywhere and they love turning us on with their knowledge of soil, diversity and variety. These flavors are both bold and subtle and taste straight from the summer garden. Available during Washington’s summer months.

One pint of Roasted Strawberry gelato

One pint of Lemon Opal Basil sorbetto

One pint of Blueberry Lemon-Thyme sorbetto

One pint of Strawberry Tarragon sorbetto

Summer Vacation: Take a trip around the world and with this package, specifically Southeast Asia. We love to reinterpret classic flavors in our gelato and bring out the subtle nuances, from the hot spicy cinnamon to the sweet nutty black sesame, just as with a good espresso, it is all about the balance. Available year round.

One pint of Black Sesame gelato

One pint of Thai Coconut Milk gelato

One pint of Cinnamon Sumatra gelato

One pint of Pineapple Honey Lime sorbetto

DC Farm Stand: Washington is surrounded by impeccable farm land and tradition. These flavors are made with the bounty from the surrounding small family farms, stretching from Pennsylvania down to Virginia. This package is all about the people who grow and raise our beautiful ingredients. Available during the DC summer months.

One pint of Lemon Opal Basil sorbetto

One pint of Peppermint Stracciatella gelato

One pint of Strawberry Tarragon sorbetto

One pint Blueberry Lemon Thyme sorbetto

The Classics: These straight-forward classics are big in flavor and pure in approach, easily pleasing and pairing with just about anything. It is all about the ingredients, resulting in a perfectly delicious simplicity. Available year-round.

Onepint of Valrhona Dark Chocolate gelato

One pint of Pistachio Siciliano gelato

One pint of Salted Caramel gelato

One pint of Indonesian Vanilla gelato

Nostalgic Wintertime: Warm, comforting and luxurious. Made for those cold wintertime months and to be eaten around a fire, after eating a nice hearty meal with your family and friends. Butter, smoke and salt dominate and make these flavors sing and all the richer. Available year-round.

One pint of Pistachio Siciliano gelato

One pint of Georgia Butter Pecan gelato

One pint of Nocciola del Piemonte gelato

One pint of Peanut Butter Stracciatella gelato

Chef's Choice: We’ll choose the Grand Cru from the list or we may throw in a little surprise from the kitchen that’s not on the list, depending on the season and what the farmers show up with at delivery. Who doesn’t like a little surprise, every now and then? Available year-round.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery