Gluten-Free Food Doesn’t Suck

"But you can still eat rice and meat. I don't see the issue?" said my boyfriend. "You can just eat something else when we all eat spaghetti."

I didn't know whether to laugh or have a passive aggressive silent treatment argument for a week about his comment on my gluten intolerance. I was already cranky that week at just becoming a gluten intolerance baby.

Secondly, I wanted to smack someone for even suggesting it would be easy to sit there and eat my "nasty" gluten-free pasta.

I chose to laugh it off, a nervous laughter of sorts. What was my life going to be like now? I LOVE food. While some eat to live, I live to eat. People used to make fun of my parents, myself and my little brother because we always had (fortunately) so much food in the house growing up.

I'm starting to think we were afraid of there all of a sudden being a food shortage in the local grocery stores or the day we couldn't eat what we wanted. That date had come for me. Through a lot of trial and error and taste-tasting (tough job), I realized maybe my boyfriend was right. I used to think having to eat gluten-free food would be horrible. But honestly, I had to look on the bright side. Some people don't even have anything to eat. True or not true?

To my surprise, I was delighted at this food and honestly, I realized with the list below, you can't tell the difference for the most part (thank you!) -- which is the whole point.

Some of the food that DIDN'T make this list was ehh at best, but with this below, even you will realize gluten-free food doesn't suck.

Especially my boyfriend, who after his delicious dinner of spaghetti the other night, found out he had just eaten gluten-free pasta for the first time.

Best Breakfast:

Red Mill Polenta

Udi's Muffins

Glutino Pop Tarts

Best Pancakes:

Bisquick Gluten Free

Best Pasta:

Best Guilty Pleasure:

Udi's Dark Chocolate Brownie Bites

Best Food On The Go:
Snyder's Pretzels, different varieties

Kids Choice:
Annie's Fruit Snacks, Gluten Free

Chex Gluten Free

Best Granola:

Best Frozen Food (Overall):

Best Bread:
Udi's, varities

Canyon Bakehouse

Brazi Bites

Best Bagel:
Udi's, varities