Haute Dogs & Fries Will Let You Substitute Bone Broth for Fries

hautedogsWould you care for some hot dogs and... bone broth? Hot off the heels of Red Apron's debut of the suddenly trendy (yet not at all new) nutrient-rich beverage, Haute Dogs & Fries announced today that it will start selling bone broth at its Alexandria and Purceville locations.

The bone broth, available beginning Friday, comes from Purceville's Fields of Athenry Farm, which supplies Haute Dogs with its sausages. The broth is made from beef and lamb or chicken and cooked for at least 36 hours with apple cider vinegar and a blend of herbs and spices. Guests will be able to order a cup by itself or as a substitute for fries or coleslaw. Quart sized containers will also be available to take home.

"If you have it in the morning, it's like a replacement for coffee," claims co-owner Pamela Swanson. Fields of Athenry Farm calls its beef and lamb liquid Bernadette's broth after owner Elaine Bowland's daughter, who suffers from Cushing's disease and uses the broth to boost her immune system and energy levels. Meanwhile, Swanson began drinking bone broth and getting into other natural and unprocessed foods several years ago while her mother underwent cancer treatment. "It's kind of a personal thing between both of us," Swanson says.

Although the broth is nothing new, Swanson says the time was right to put it on the menu now.

"It's come on the radar now. Bone broth has become so popular," she says. "All the athletes are starting to drink a lot of broth, and it's getting more well-known in society today."