Here Are D.C.’s Top Food and Drink Professionals—Minus the Ugly Ones


Want to know who D.C.'s most talented, hard-working, and successful bar and restaurant professionals are? Then you might as well stop reading here.

The event group and hospitality association Industree spent "months" sifting out the uggos in D.C.'s food and drink scene to bring you its "60 Stunners." The range of chefs, food truck operators, restaurateurs, bartenders, food producers, and others were selected based on "physical attributes, personality, and dedication to their craft," according to a press release. In short, Top Chef meets Miss America minus butt glue.

Industree will narrow these hotties down to the top 10 "Stunners," who will be announced at a Nov. 17 party for all the finalists at STK, a venue as shallow as the list itself. Photos of the top ten, shot at the W hotel (of course), will be revealed in Industree's monthly newsletter, The Skinee.

In no particular order, here are the stunners:

Chad Spangler (The Menehune Group)

David Mazza (Taylor Gourmet)

Doron Petersan (Sticky Fingers Sweets & Eats)

Rob Duncan (Dolcezza)

Violeta Edelman (Dolcezza)

Mo Cherry (Mason Dixie Biscuit Co.)

Alli Sosna (MicroGreens)

Sarah Gordon (Gordy’s Pickle Jar)

Andrew Market (Beuchert’s Saloon)

JP Fetherston (Southern Efficiency)

Ronald Flores (Art and Soul)

Hollis Bradley Pica (STK DC)

Alex McCoy (Duke’s Grocery)

Hilda Staples (VOLT)

Rachel Martin (Boxwood Winery)

Carlos Castera (Jaleo)

Elizabeth Parker (Rose’s Luxury)

Derek Brown (Mockingbird Hill/Eat the Rich/Southern Efficiency)

Tom Brown (The Passenger)

Caitlin Roberts (Number 1 Sons)

Trevor Frye (Dram & Grain)

Caroline Blundell (Ripple)

Ashley Vignola (Vignola Gourmet)

Ari Wilder (Chaplin’s)

Luke Holden (Luke’s Lobster)

Eamonn Fetherston (Rappahannock River Oysters)

Che Ruddell-Tabisola (BBQ Bus)

Ayeshah Abuelhiga (Mason Dixie Biscuit Co.)

Burton Heiss (Nando’s Peri-Peri)

Mare Lewicki (Daikaya)

Aaron Silverman (Rose’s Luxury)

Elizabeth Petty (Elizabeth’s Gone Raw)

Gladys Abi-Najm (Lebanese Taverna)

Louis Goral (Rural Society)

Giueseppe Lanzone (Peruvian Brothers)

Nora Pouillon (Restaurant Nora)

Vicky Harris (CapMac)

Makoto Hamamura (Crane & Turtle)

Kimberly Grant (ThinkFoodGroup)

Matt Carr (Little Red Fox)

Cizuki Seki (Izakaya Seki)

Chris Vigilante (Vigilante Coffee)

Brinn Sinnott (Le Diplomate)

Sarah Spigelman (Jack Rose Dining Saloon)

James Horn (Kapnos)

Rob Saunders (STK DC)

Brett Schulman (Cava Mezze Grill)

Rachael Ewing (Ri Ra Irish Pub)

Jesse Miller (Bar Pilar)

Francesco Amodeo (Don Ciccio & Figli)

David Guas (Bayou Bakery)

Anne Marler (Little Serow, Komi)

Scott Harris (Catoctin Creek Distilling Co.)

Robert Yealu (Independent Food & Beverage Professional)

Julie Nganele (Restaurants of Bryan Voltaggio)

Johnny Spero (Minibar)

Joe Ambrose (POV at W Washington DC)

Carolyn Stromberg (Righteous Cheese)

Grace Miller (G by Mike Isabella)

Michael Lastoria (&pizza)

Photo via Shutterstock