Here’s Another Way You Never Considered Peeling A Mango

Mangoes are tricky. They have really thin skin that is difficult to peel off and a huge, flat pit running right down the middle that gets in the way of everything. But a new food hack might have just convinced us that mangoes might not be as inaccessible as we once thought.

This video from "CrazyRussianHacker" shows you how to deal with a mango's peel by using a glass. First you cut the fruit along its pit. Then you use the edge of a glass to separate the fruit from the peel. You simply place the rim where the skin meets the fruit, and push the mango down the side of the glass. The skin peels off in one piece. It's as simple as that.

We've come across a few good tricks for cutting a mango, and we recently found an entirely new trick for peeling one, but this hack combines speed and efficiency in one easy move.

Watch the video above and let us know if you've discovered any other methods for battling the mighty mango.

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