How College Students Order Food (INFOGRAPHIC)

Cornell University students love their veggies, but food being delivered at Fordham University will usually include some meat, according to a new report on trends of college eating habits.

The food ordering app GrubHub, working with Spoon University, analyzed data of users on college campuses to figure out various trends in how and what students order.

Among the findings, spicy orders are 26 percent less common, vegan and vegetarian dishes are 25 percent less common, and students are slightly more likely to tip less. Favorite foods of college students include cookies, calzones and General Tso's Chicken, but pizza is the most commonly ordered food, duh!

Early orders, between 6 and 9 a.m., are 66 percent less common with college students than non-students, except for Columbia University in New York. Columbia students are 225 percent more likely to order early than any other campus.

Check out more the results in the infographic below.

grubhub college

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