How To Sneak Chocolate Chip Cookies Into All Of Your Dessert Recipes

There's no question that the chocolate chip cookie is the best cookie out there. Shortbread might be nice during the holidays; oatmeal raisin is right for when you're feeling wholesome; but chocolate chip cookies are the perfect ratio of buttery dough and chocolate chips -- and they hit the spot every single time. This cookie is so great that bakers are continuously coming up with new recipes in search of the best batch; we've found 23 different versions that have reached perfection. Twenty-three.

Today, we have something even better for you than the best chocolate chip cookie. We're not only giving you chocolate chip cookies, but 20 new ways to eat those cookies. Basically, we have recipes that let you sneak chocolate chip cookies into every dessert imaginable. The dessert world just got a whole lot sweeter, folks.

You are welcome.

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