If There Were A Beauty Pageant For Tarts, These Would Be The Top 20 Finalists

You may have been awed by the beauty of towering layer cakes. And the smooth, smooth finish of macarons has probably made your heart skip a beat once or twice. But those desserts know nothing about beauty in comparison to tarts. It is the tart -- the thinner, slightly fancier version of a pie -- that is truly show stopping. This dessert, so common in Europe, will satisfy your sweet tooth and give you something nice to look at.

Tarts are made with the same buttery, flaky crust pies are, but they're often times filled with unbaked pastry creams and topped with delicate fresh fruits, and then glazed with jellies. Or, they're baked and crowned with tall peaks of meringue. Other times, they're dense and unassuming, but full of the richest chocolate your heart could ask for. But one thing remains constant, and it's that they'll be delicious (and beautiful) every time.

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