Kid In Hot Dog Suit Loses Pants And Race, But Is Still A Wiener In Our Hearts

Well, hot dog! This kid really mustard the courage to keep going, even though he couldn't ketchup with his opponents. While we don't relish seeing him fall down, we think he's a real champion for never giving up.

The Kansas City Royals host a Hot Dog Derby during home games at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, where contestants dressed in hot dog costumes race on foot, according to On Sunday, it was Kids Day at the stadium so children ran the derby instead of adults, ABC 7 reported.

This didn't seem to work out so well for the kid in the mustard outfit, however.

Although the little guy had a great start, his costume appeared to be too big for him, causing the pants to fall down and trip him. After he took several stumbles, a staff member came to his aid and helped him cross the finish line to raucous applause from fans in the stands.

We salute this kid's determination! Also, thanks to this guy, for helping the kid cover up his buns.

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