Melt Shop Opens Today With Grilled Cheese, Tater Tots, and Lots of Cheese Sauce

Following GCDC, the District gets its second grilled cheese shop today with the downtown debut of New York transplant Melt Shop.

The menu ranges from a classic white bread sandwich with American cheese (plus cheese sauce!) to the "truffle melt" with Havarti, truffle oil, and arugula on sourdough. There's also a grilled cheese-burger hybrid called the "burger melt" with a beef patty, pepper jack, pickles, caramelized onions, cheese sauce,  and "burger sauce." Sandwich prices range from $4.60 to $8.29.

Melt Shop's signature side is tater tots, which you can also get loaded with yet more cheese sauce, bacon, and jalapeños. Tomato soup and a couple salads are also available. Shakes come in Nutella, Oreo, strawberry, and vanilla flavors for $4.60.

The shop will be open daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Check out the full menus below.




Melt Shop, 1901 L St. NW; (202) 794-8400;

Photo courtesy Melt Shop