Mystical Banana Apparatus Pumps Your Average Banana With Chocolate Filling

Have you ever peeled a banana and felt inexplicably forlorn? Like something was missing?

One company has tapped into the emotional anguish of banana-eaters everywhere and crafted a remedy: The DestapaBanana. The apparatus injects bananas with sweet fillings that transform the average fruit into something magical.

Facebook / Destapabanana

The gadget comes equipped with a straw-like tool that punctures and removes the core of the banana.


The banana is then ready to be filled with confections like chocolate, strawberry and dulce de leche (pictured).


Once the fruit is infused with sticky sweetness, it can be eaten on the spot or saved for a snack.


Besides the runny sauces, DestapaBanana also offers a caramel-filled milk chocolate core that can be inserted into the banana.
Facebook / Destapabanana

It is unclear when these bad boys will make their way to America (they appear to be coming to Switzerland soon). In the meantime, we'll just have to fantasize about slathering a honey-filled one with peanut butter. Gosh.

H/T: Gizmodo

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