One of the Real Housewives of Potomac Co-Owns a Kangaroo-Serving Restaurant

ashley-boalch-darby-fullCould the new Real Housewives of Potomac include some local restaurant intrigue? Maybe! One of the cast members, Ashley Darby, and her "real estate millionaire" husband, Michael Darby, own a new Australian restaurant in Clarendon called Oz.

Bravo says the former Miss D.C. and Maryland native has a "spicy personality and an unmatched drive to succeed." Her bio for the show reads in part: "She wants to make a name for herself in the food industry, so with the help of her husband, she’s opening a restaurant with an emphasis on fresh and wholesome ingredients."

Among those wholesome ingredients is kangaroo. The restaurant, which opened in September, offers skewers of the exotic protein along with emu, prawn, and lamb.  The menu also features stuff like beer battered fish and chips and a burger with pineapple, beetroot, and fried egg.

Given the self-promoting history of the Real Housewives franchise, there's a good chance Oz could get as much play as the show's plunging necklines. Maybe someone will overturn a table of meat pies and sausage rolls? Maybe it will lead to a spin-off show about the dysfunctional, sexy staff a la Vanderpump Rules? So many possibilities!

Now if only Darby could correct the spelling of "restauranteur" in her Instagram bio...

Photo via Bravo