Professional Foragers Live The Most Beautiful Lives

The life of a forager often elicits images of hippies and extremists who want to live off the land. Seldom does that word draw to mind a business man. But it should, because some people, like David Siller of Philadelphia, have been able to turn the work of searching for edible food in the wild into a sustainable business.

With elite restaurants like Noma and Acme basing their menus on little-known foraged items -- think nettles and fiddlehead ferns -- requests for fresh, wild foods in restaurants has grown. David Siller, a professional forager, is answering the demand in Philly. And Cory J Popp -- a local resident and documentarian -- has made a film about Siller's pursuit.

One look at the beautiful video above will convince you that Siller has in fact found a great career -- and it might tempt you to reconsider yours. (If the video doesn't, the stills Cory J Popp took on their foraging trip below might.)

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