Roofers Union Converts First Floor to Wine Bar Called Jug & Table

IMG_0254-3690421216-OIt's not just cocktails that are going big. At forthcoming Adams Morgan wine bar Jug & Table, you'll be able to get a jug of wine containing the equivalent of 2.5 bottles.

Jug & Table comes from the owners of Roofers Union and will take over the restaurant's first floor come May 29. Sommelier Theo Rutherford, who was the opening bar manager for sister restaurant Ripple and worked at Rogue 24 and Fiola, will oversee the drink menu.

The bar will feature around 40 wines, including 20 by the glass ranging from $6 to $16. There's no particular theme or regional focus—"just really good stuff to drink," Rutherford says. Eight wines will be available on tap with three, six, or nine ounce pours. Groups can also opt for shareable wine jugs, also filled from the taps, for $20 to $25 during happy hour daily from 5 to 7 p.m. (The restaurant is still determining if the jugs will be offered beyond happy hour.)

"We really want to take wine off that pedestal and bring it back to what we think it should be, which is something to be enjoyed with friends," Rutherford says of offering jugs and putting the word in the bar's name.

The "table" in Jug & Table refers not just to where you eat your food, but to turntables, which will play vinyl in the bar. "Part of this is an excuse for [owner Roger Marmet] to get his record collection out of his house," Rutherford says.

Roofers Union and Ripple chef Marjorie Meek-Bradley will oversee the food at Jug & Table. The menu, different from that upstairs, will be broken down into "potted" and "pressed" categories. "Potted" refers to snacks like pickles, olives, and other snacks served in mason jars or small pots. "Pressed" refers to paninis, including one with goat cheese, lamb, roasted red peppers, and mint pesto.

On a side note: Meek-Bradley is currently in California, taking her first vacation since she started at Ripple. Top Chef contestant Jennifer Carroll is filling in for her at Ripple.

Photo of Theo Rutherford courtesy Roofers Union