Sadly, Pumpkin Spice Condoms Aren’t A Thing After All

Forget sweater weather and crisp autumn leaves; these days, the true arrival of fall seems marked by the arrival of Starbucks' infamous pumpkin spice latte -- at least on the social media sphere.

This year, a rumor surfaced that the sticky sweet craze had spawned an entirely different pumpkin spice-flavored item: condoms, made by Durex.

The company did not immediately confirm or deny the existence of the product, leaving the Internet in a tizzy.

The plot thickened this morning, when Durex initially tweeted a denial but then deleted it, leading to further confusion. Finally, though, Durex put the rumors to rest: an unnamed company spokesperson told BuzzFeed that Durex would not be coming out with a pumpkin spice condom.

“Durex has heard that people are saying we launched a ‘Pumpkin Spice’ condom," the spokesperson said. "We can’t claim this one, but we do love it when people spice it up in the bedroom."

Even though they proved to be a myth, the Internet still had a field day with pumpkin spice condoms. Never forget.