Sweet Oats Jaggery Lollipops


These are one of its kind lollipops. You simply wouldn’t mind your kids having these nutritious, crunchy and delicious lollipops. Unlike the candy ones, these are full with oats, jiggery, nuts and sesame seeds.


·        1/4 cup lightly roasted quick cooking rolled oats

·        1 1/4 teaspoon ghee

·        1/2 cup chopped jaggery

·        1/4 cup lightly roasted and finely chopped mixed nuts (pistachios, almond and walnuts)

·        1 tablespoon lightly roasted sesame seeds


Method to prepare:

Take a pan. Heat it well. Add a teaspoon of ghee in the heated pan. Once the ghee starts melting, hold the pan and roll it in a circular motion. Make sure that the melted ghee has spread throughout the pan. Then add a half cup jaggery to the melted ghee. Cook the mixture well, until all the jaggery in the pan melts. Simmer the mixture continuously.  Now turn of the gas stove. Add the different nuts, tablespoon of sesame seeds and the roasted oats. Mix them all well. Let it cool for about 2 minutes. Meanwhile grease your hand with little ghee. The reason we are greasing our hand is to avoid the oats and jaggery mixture from getting stuck to our hand. Now divide the mixture into 10 equal portions. Shape these 10 portions of the mixture into round balls by rolling the mixture in your greasy palms. Once the round ball of jaggery and oats is ready, add a tooth pick or a disposable stick right in the centre of the sweet ball. Cool them completely.

You could also store them in an air tight container for future use. All the time required for this healthy recipe is hardly 10-15 minutes and your little one is good to eat. It serves 10 lollipops.