Taste Testing D.C.-Made Union Kitchen Products

It’s now possible to buy D.C.-made root beer, chocolate, hot sauce, and much more. But not everything local is created equal. Washington City Paper stocked up on a range of Union Kitchen-made products from Union Kitchen Grocery in Near Northeast for an unscientific taste test. Here are five of our favorites.

districtcheeseDistrict Cheese’s Honey Chèvre $11

What it is: Local honey-infused goat cheese made with pasteurized Trickling Springs Creamery dairy

Staff reactions: “Strangely addictive.” “So smooth, heavy on honey.” “Very creamy.” “Would be eaten up in about 10 seconds if you put it out with your party spread as guests come over.” “Light enough that I would even substitute it for cream cheese.”

chocolateundoneUndone Chocolate $7.49

What it is: Chocolate bar with 70-percent organic and direct-trade cacao plus sugar cane

Staff reactions: “So dark, so good.” “Delicious and allegedly healthy, so I would put this in X-mas stockings.” “Slightly fruity chocolate.” “Some dark chocolate bars go out of their way to make ‘dark’ mean ‘bitter,’ but I thought this balanced it well. It’s very rich and their small bar goes a long way.”



chompzEmma’s Bakeshop’s Chompz! $3.75

What it is: Crispy stamp-sized cheddar crackers

Staff reactions: “Like a better Cheez-it, which is a high honor.” “I could eat these all day. Pair with Champagne.” “The texture was sublime.” “I would easily eat the whole bag by myself while watching TV.”




Sweet Farm Classic Kraut $7.95

What it is: German-style sauerkraut with caraway seeds

Staff reactions: “Simple, classic.” “As good as any sauerkraut out there.” “Pleasant amount of tang and crunch.”



chili sauceBear’s Made Chili Sauce $6.45

What it is: Sweet, medium spicy sauce with tomatoes, onions, jalapeño, brown sugar, vinegar, and spices

Staff reactions: “Heavy on the vinegar with a little kick at the end.” “Would be a good addition to a burger.” “I don’t know what you’re supposed to eat this with, but I would put it on everything. Rice and pulled pork come to mind, but you could also just put it out with some chips. Delicious.”