The Bar Will Have a Starring Role at Atlantic Plumbing Cinema


When Atlantic Plumbing Cinema debuts on Oct. 15, it won't just be a place to see Steve Jobs. (Although the film will be playing on all six screen on opening day.) The theater will also have a prominent 40-seat bar that aims to be a destination in and of itself—regardless of what's playing.

The Landmark Theatres property, located at 807 V St. NW, is one of the first that the company built from the ground up with such a bar-forward model. "You don't actually walk into a theater. You walk into a bar," says bar manager Eric King

King, who was previously the general manager for now-closed Cause philanthropub and more recently worked at Iron Gate and freelanced events, is behind the classic cocktail menu with classic film inspirations. All the drinks are named after lines from movies. For example, an Old Fashioned made with a simple syrup that uses kettle corn seasoning is dubbed "Because Donuts Don't Wear Alligator Shoes" from Black Dynamite. Meanwhile, a vesper is called "Your Beauty's a Problem" from Casino Royale. King also plans to have rotating specials that tie into whatever is playing at the time. So far, though, he's yet to come up with a Steve Jobs-themed cocktail. Let's hope it's not an appletini.

The cocktails will likely range from $12 to $13. The bar also has 12 draft lines and will serve three red wines, three whites, and a Cava. Patrons will be able to bring their drinks into the theaters if they are, you know, there to see a movie.

Atlantic Plumbing Cinema does have a concession stand, but the bar also has its own food menu with things like wings, burgers, sweet potato tots, crab cake sliders, and mozzarella sticks.

The bar doesn't have any movie posters or other film memorabilia in its decor. King says the best description he's heard of the space—with its leather furniture and Edison lightbulbs—is "a tricked out Restoration Hardware ad." The place will also eventually have a 12-to-14-seat sidewalk patio as well.

"You really don't get the impression that you're walking into a movie theater," King says. "It's not your father's Landmark Theatre."

Rendering via Atlantic Plumbing Company